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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well, suddenly we move from the realm of the mundane to that of the sublime. I guess there has been a selection bias - the people who I have been able to dupe into writing here are those that were top-of-my-mind as famous foodies. So, here goes another Bengali delicacy. From a friend of mine who is a permanent fixture in the chatroom I frequent. Given the amount of time she spends in the chatroom I doubt whether she has a real life - I have a sneaky feeling that her entire existence is virtual. The Bhapa Sandesh is very, very real though.

Bhapa Sandesh
(Suhridi Basu )

Bengalis never get tired of sweets, neither do I. Being far away from bengal I try to experiment with cheese ( chhana ), milk and sugar - who knows one day I can come up with a brand new sweet recipe!

Try this out:

Ricotta Cheese
Condensed milk
Dry milk powder
(Thats all!)

Mix ricotta cheese, condensed milk and dry milk powder in 4:1:1 ratio. Add sugar according to taste. Mix thoroghly. Put the mix in a baking pan and put it to bake in an oven at 150-200F for 30 to 40 minutes approx. The time may differ depending on the temperature. Check from time to time to see if the mix has dried up enough to look like sandesh. If you pierce through the mix using a spoon it should cut through.

Cut into small pieces. garnish with pista and cardamom grind and serve.


Anonymous Rani said...

What is the quantity of each ingredient? I want to make this. Thanks.

27 March, 2014


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