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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Green Chicken:
(Madhuban Mitra)

I am quite fond of this colour Green in my food – and like green vegetables and non-vegetables. I would also like to bring to the reader’s attention that unlike what Delhiwallahs think, Palak is not the only way to turn food green.

You need: Chicken (in whatever quantity), coriander leaves (one bunch), green chillies (about five), Kasuri methi leaves – note that all of these are green.

Marinate the chicken with vinegar and salt for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, make a paste of the coriander leaves and the chillies – keep the water in the paste to a minimum. Heat oil and sauté the marinated chicken in it for, say, five minutes. Add the paste and cook the chicken in the paste. Add sugar and salt according to taste, cover and let it simmer. The more you cook, the thicker consistency you get. Add a little ghee and kasuri methi leaves before taking it off the oven.


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