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Thursday, October 14, 2004

I am sorry about not having posted in the last three weeks. Apologies to those who have been reading it, and those who have been writing in with recipes. I have quite a backlog of recipes to post. I promise to make up. In the next few days, you can expect a lot.

Here is a household Bengali recipe - quick to make, good to eat. Goes with both rice and roti. Another Supermom recipe.

Aloo Korai Shutir Dom (Alu Dum with Peas)

(Sucharita Mukherjee)

Ingredients: I kg Potatos, about 1" ginger, 500 gms peas, cumin seeds, turmeric and red chilly powder, green chillies and oil to cook.

Peel potatos and boil them. Cut into big pieces (cubes). Grind half the peas you have, with ginger. Heat oil and cook ground peas, green chillies and all the spices. Add a little sugar and salt till oil separates. Add the boiled potatos tothis and little water. When done serve garnished with boiled peas.


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